• Testimonials

  • My kids love Dr Tyler's office!!!! We have been there several times for sedations!!!! He is amazing with kids and also his staff!!!! They are amazing!!! Thanks for all you do for the little patients who are afraid of dentists. You guys make it so much easier for us as parents!!!!

    Travis Pace

  • Our 5 children love Cedar View! When our daughter needed 6 teeth pulled! YES 6! I was worried, however, the staff and the doctor answered all my questions. Put my heart as ease, not only did I know my daughter was in good hands but caring hands. When she was done the staff even helped me to the car because I had 4 other little ones with me. My family is treated with kindness, care and love! Thank you Cedar View because of you my daughter is not afraid of the dentist. We look forward to our visits!

    Kris BookWishes

  • What kids love the dentist? Any kids that go to Cedar View Pediatric Dentistry, that's who! My kids count down the days until their appointment. The team makes everyone feel like they are the most important person in the office even though the office is always full and I always feel confident that my kids are getting the best quality of care. The entire team is great at making sure kids (and sometimes nervous parents) have a positive experience. I would never take my four little ones anywhere else. I can guarantee that if you take you little ones to see Dr. Tyler you will never want to go anywhere else! Thank you Cedar View Pediatric Dentistry!

    Leinda crawley

  • This place is like Disneyland for your kids teeth. My daughter's love coming here because they make it so comfortable and kid friendly. They work well with all ages even "busy" two year olds. Their staff is friendly and Dr. Albrecht is thorough and takes the time with you that you need. My daughter had complicated teeth and he made me feel good about her treatment. Any time my kids have had work done they've never felt pain and they don't have anxiety about going to the dentist like a lot of people do. I wouldn't take my kids anywhere else!

    Tiffany Neibaur

  • The staff is AMAZING! They are so good with our children, they are patient, kind and remember them each time. Our children have gone to Pediatric Dentistry with Dr. Tyler Albrecht for the past 51/2 years and our children still love going to the dentist! We will not take our children anywhere else. We highly recommend pediatric dentistry to all of our friends and family!

    Hilary Best

  • I have always Loved Cedar View Pediatric Dentistry. I had a very scary experience with my daughter when she was 4 years old, she had a really bad reaction to some of the medication that she took for her dental procedure. Dr. Tyler was so kind to me and he helped me stay calm and feel better about the situation. He always checked on us to make sure we were doing ok and he remembered my daughters name at his office and in public places that we would see him. I always look for that in a Dr. or Dentist because it shows that they really care about you individually. My daughter needed some more dental work and she needed to get her tonsils out so Dr. Tyler arranged to be there when she got them out and he fixed some of her teeth at no charge. The staff has always been extra nice to me and everyone I see come into the office. Dr. Tyler is a Super nice guy..great with people and I will always be thankful for him.

    Kathy Forsyth

  • I've been taking my kids to Cedar View Pediatric Dentistry for around 7 years. The staff is friendly and they've always made sure my children feel comfortable and safe, even my son who is extremely nervous. Dr. Albrecht was even able to give my son a numbing shot without my son even realizing what he was doing! I wouldn't go anywhere else!

    Teresa Langston

  • When my daughter rolled over on her side and refused to open her mouth our dentist recommended we take her to Dr. Tyler. That was the best thing we did. Now, my kids will ask, "Can we go to the dentist so we can get a toy?" They get to play with their car track, kitchen and video games and are always so excited to put earphones on and watch a movie (of their choosing) in the ceiling while getting their teeth cleaned. All the staff is so kind and really do a great job with the kids. My latest visit was a sedation - the dentist came out two or three times to talk to me, ask questions and just keep me informed. I am very happy with Cedar View Pediatric Dentistry!

    Tanya Sitthichai-Fielding

  • We have a son who has a lot of anxiety when it comes to visits to Doctors and Dentist offices. Dr. Tyler Albrecht and his staff are so wonderful with our two sons - they are put right at ease when they come in for their check ups! I wouldn't recommend ANY other pediatric dentistry in town! If you want an honest, friendly pediatric dentist/office that is amazing with kids, Cedar View Pediatric Dentistry is the place to go!

    Tyson Pulsipher

  • I was so nervous about bringing my daughter (4 yrs) to a new dentist, she is really hard to deal with when it comes to doctors and I was especially worried if she would even hold still or let anyone look in her mouth. We were lucky enough to get in the day before Halloween so everyone in the office was dressed up in costumes! It was so awesome for her to have so much fun at a place that is usually so scary for kids. Xrays, cleaning, and everything went perfect, they didn't make it a big deal so she wasn't uncomfortable at all. I was truly impressed, the office is super kid friendly and nice, and the staff were amazing with us! Now we can be excited to go to the dentist!

    Cami Donnelly